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Acleris permutana

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
29 Sep 1951 Wallasey SJ2892 Adult 1 specimen (s) exhibited at LCES 16/10/1951, LCES 75-76:13, grid reference not provided
04 Aug 1951 Wallasey SJ2892 Adult 1 grid reference not provided
16 Aug 1947 Wallasey SJ2892 Adult 1 No quantity recorded. grid reference unknown. Michaelis (1954)
17 Aug 1935 Wallasey SJ2892 Adult 2 Specimens in Mike Hull's collection. Grid reference not provided
1935 Wallasey SJ2892 Adult 1+ local, grid reference unknown. Michaelis (1954)
1925 Wallasey Dunes SJ2892 Not recorded 1+ in a more restricted area compared to its former abundance, grid reference not provided. LCFC 1925:2
05 Aug 1916 Wallasey SJ2892 Adult 2 grid reference not provided
10 Aug 1915 Wallasey SJ2892 Adult 1 still abundant despite creation of the golf links, grid reference not provided, LCFC 1916:97. county status: Our only locality, where t is still common though its area is very much reduced. Mansbridge (1940)
1909 Wallasey SJ2892 Larval 1 grid reference not provided, emerged August 1909
1908 Wallasey SJ2892 Larval 3 Peronea permutana The Ent. 42:22, grid reference not provided, emerged 19/8 (3), 25/8/1908
1906 Wallasey SJ2892 Larval 1+ Peronea permutana, exibited a series bred from Burnet Rose, at the Sth London Ent & Nat Hist Soc 11/10/1906, The Entom. 39:293, grid reference not provided
1905 Wallasey SJ2892 Larval 14 grid reference not provided, emerged August 1905
28 Jul 1904 Wallasey SJ2892 Adult 1 P. permutana The Ent. 38:115, grid reference not provided
1904 Wallasey Dunes SJ2892 Larval 2 Peronea permutana The Ent. 38:287 bred series from Wallasey and The Ent. 39:96 Mansbridge (1905), grid reference not provided. emerged 23/8/1904
1887 Wallasey Dunes SJ2892 Adult 100 best smoked out, by which I have taken 100 specimens in a single afternoon, pre 1887, grid reference not provided. Entom. 20:202-206
1880 Wallasey SJ2892 Adult 1+ grid reference not provided. Entom. 13:45-46
1879 Wallasey Dunes SJ2892 Adult 1+ abundant amongst burnet rose in August. year and grid reference not provided. Young Nat. 1:204-207.
13 Aug 1848 New Brighton SJ3094 Adult 3 Peronea permutana, taken on the wing at dawn, flying over a species of wild rose, new to Britain, The Zool. 6:2271, grid reference not provided, Mansbridge, 1905:115
1848 Wallasey SJ2892 Not recorded 1+ grid reference unknown, Local. Byerley (1854), see The Entomologist 13:45-46, Gregson (1879)

Updated: 6th April 2021