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Caryocolum fraternella

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
12 Aug 2016 Midgley Lane, Wildboarclough SK000664 Adult 1 Genitalia checked. 6w actinic heath, 2x15w actinic heath, 2x125w Robinson traps.
30 Apr 2016 Sale Water Park SJ8092 Larval 1 on wood stitchwort, photographed
08 Apr 2015 Sale Water Park SJ8092 Larval 2 SJ806926, larvae in spinnings on Wood Stitchwort - photographed.
01 Aug 2013 Silk Road Meadow, Bollington SJ925759 Adult 1 gen det male
23 Aug 2012 Grove Farm, Macclesfield SJ9473 Adult 1 SJ94537396, Genitalia checked. 28 Jun 2012 - 28 Jun 2012
22 Apr 2007 Sale SJ8092 Larval 3 grid reference provided SJ802929 Mersey South Bank by Sale Water-park, on wood stichwort. Adult emerged 7.6.07. Found on vc 58/59 border ?which. Difficult to tell as position of river has changed!
25 Jul 1997 Bollin Valley, Prestbury SJ9076 Adult 1 at dusk, male, gen. det.
08 Aug 1981 Whitegate Way, Winsford SJ615679 Adult 1
1887 Prenton SJ2985 Not recorded 1+ Prenton Dell, date & grid reference unknown, Ellis (1890)

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