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Argyresthia laevigatella

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
17 Jul 2020 Crag Hall Lane, Wildboarclough SJ983687 Adult 1 Genitalia checked. 2 X Robinson MV Trap (125W) & 2 X Heath Trap (15W actinic)
31 May 2018 Linley Lane, Alsager SJ819545 Adult 1 gen det male
03 Jul 2016 Linley Lane, Alsager SJ819545 Adult 1 gen.det.female
14 Jun 2016 Meadowside, Burwardsley SJ518566 Adult 1 Genitalia checked.
30 Jun 2001 Ridd Wood, Etherow Country Park - top site SJ973918 Adult 2 gen det fem on one of the specimens
1993 Vicarage Lane, Poynton SJ920841 Adult 1
01 Jun 1918 Delamere SJ5570 Adult 1 LCFC 1920-21 report, difficulty of correct identification has caused the record to be held over until now. no grid reference given, county status: very scarce, Mansbridge (1940).

Updated: 3rd April 2022