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Mythimna pudorina Striped Wainscot

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
07 Jul 2019 Bowring Drive, Parkgate SJ280784 Adult 1 Specimen retained, photo on Cheshire Moth Forum
02 Jul 2014 Wybunbury Moss SJ6950 Adult 1
13 Jun 2014 Ness Gardens SJ3075 Adult 1 4 Skinner traps (1 x 125W MV, 1 x 30W Actinic in Pinewood (P) sector, and 1 x 125W MV and 1 x 15W Actinic at Herbaceous (H) sector)
1997 SJ36 SJ36 Adult 1 referred to in Ian Rutherford's 1997 Moth Report, this site is in Flintshire
1854 Cheshire Unknown Not recorded 1+ undated. reputed to be taken on Bidston Marsh. Byerley (1854)

Updated: 3rd April 2022