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Infurcitinea argentimaculella

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
1946 Burton SJ3174 Not recorded 1+ LCES 77-78:68, grid reference not provided, Michaelis (1955)
1943 Burton SJ3174 Not recorded 1+ First Cheshire record since Edelsten's in 1858. Grid Reference unknown. Mansbridge (1947)
1864 SJ38 SJ38 Not recorded 1+ Creaser (1994)
1858 Little Bollington SJ7285 Adult 1+ Xysmatodoma argentimaculella, also bred, the cases were the same colour as the lichen they fed upon, on an old wall nearly covered with herbage, The Zool. 16:6214, site published as Bollington, near to Bowdon, will refer to Little Bollington, grid reference not provided. Ellis (1890). Ellis mentions also recorded by Threllfall, without providing any details

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