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Dasypolia templi Brindled Ochre

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
05 Nov 2020 Midgley Lane, Wildboarclough SK000664 Adult 1
14 Oct 2020 Midgley Lane, Wildboarclough SK000664 Adult 1
29 Sep 2018 Midgley Lane, Wildboarclough SK000664 Adult 1 confirmed S W Holmes, S H Hind from photo
15 Oct 2017 Midgley Lane, Wildboarclough SK000664 Adult 1 confirmed S H Hind from photo
23 Oct 2013 Higher Downs, Knutsford SJ762785 Adult 1 photo available
09 Oct 2013 Carleton Road, Higher Poynton SJ944838 Adult 1 confirmed B T Shaw, G Lightfoot, photo available
06 Oct 2013 Linley Lane, Alsager SJ819545 Adult 1 photo available
20 Nov 1962 Delamere SJ5570 Adult 1 the recorder, who lived at Old Pale, used to catch the train to work from Delamere Station and it is believed that the moth was taken at lights at the station, Creaser (1966), Rutherford (1994), specimen (s) exhibited at LCES 20/11/1962, LCES 85-87:32, grid reference not provided. Two specimens exhibited at LCES 19/2/1963, LCES 85-87:36
1953 Pott Shrigley SJ9478 Larval 1 grid reference unknown, letter to CIR 9.4.1979
1947 Bosley Cloud SJ9063 Larval 1+ undated, A Creaser, pers. com.
1921 Crowden SK0799 Adult 1+ grid reference unknown, Smith (1948)
29 Oct 1908 Hoole SJ4266 Adult 1 site Chester, The Entom. 42:41-42, grid reference not provided , Specimen(s) in Grosvenor Museum. Smith (1948)
21 Oct 1907 Chester SJ4066 Adult 1 preserved in conjunction with men employed by the corporation electric lighting company, grid reference unknown, specimen(s) in the Grosvenor Museum.
1903 Stalybridge SJ9598 Not recorded 1+ undated, found by turning over boulders on hillsides, Day (1903)
10 Oct 1901 Chester SJ4065 Adult 1 The Entom. 35:118, grid reference not provided
08 Oct 1898 Chester SJ4066 Adult 1 Day (1903), Smith (1948)
1883 Brushes Valley SJ9999 Not recorded 1 date and grid reference not provided, Young Nat. 4:78-80.
1855 Cheshire Unknown Adult 1 Crymodes templi The Zool. 14:5000, grid reference not provided
1854 Bidston SJ2891 Not recorded 1 undated entry. Byerley (1854), also in the Walker List Bidston Lighthouse

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