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Eupithecia pimpinellata Pimpinel Pug

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
09 Jun 1998 Castlegate, Prestbury SJ893769 Adult 2 gen det, mapped for VC58 in pug book, which presumably relates to this record.
24 Sep 1949 Ness SJ3075 Adult 1+ Bred ex 12 larvae on Burnet Saxifrage, in an old lane inland from Ness Holt LCES 72:28. specimen (s) exhibited at LCES 15/11/1949 LCES 73:13 & 21/10/1952, LCES 75-76:21, grid reference not provided, Michaelis (1954), last county record before 1900, Rutherford (1994), uncertain status in Cheshire (Riley 2003)
1948 Hoylake Langfields SJ2288 Adult 1 BRC Ref: V05_02040, exhibited at the Lancs & Ches Ent Soc meeting 20/1/1948, LCES 68-71:33, grid reference not provided
1890 Wallasey SJ2792 Not recorded 1+ undated, Ellis (1890)
1885 Cheshire Unknown Not recorded 1+ undated East Cheshire, Walker (1885)

Updated: 3rd April 2022