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Actebia praecox Portland Moth

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
28 Aug 2020 Sudworth Road, New Brighton SJ30499353 Adult 1 photo on Cheshire Moths Facebook Group
1969 SJ35 SJ35 Adult 1 Pulford, Creaser (1971), Rutherford (1994) yet from recorders Rossett SJ374579 VC50 garden
26 Aug 1954 Chester SJ4166 Adult 1 in his garden, grid reference not provided, LCES 77-78:38
1947 Hoylake Langfields SJ2288 Adult 1 Smith (1948), Rutherford (1994). grid reference unknown, specimen in AC collection
1937 Hoylake Langfields SJ2288 Adult 1 grid reference unknown, Creaser (2009), specimen in AC collection
1925 Wallasey SJ2792 Larval 1+ common, grid reference unknown, Smith (1948)
1925 Wallasey SJ2792 Adult 1+ fairly common, grid reference unknown, Smith (1948)
1903 Meols SJ2290 Not recorded 1+ undated - very local - Little Meols Sandhills. Day (1903)
1903 White Hall, Tarporley SJ5966 Adult 2 undated - at light. Day (1903)
1899 Chester SJ4066 Adult 1 Day (1903)
1893 Wallasey Dunes SJ2792 Adult 3 grid reference unknown, specimen(s) in the Grosvenor Museum - very local - recorded by most of the local collectors - less common now than formerly. Day (1903)
1890 Wallasey Dunes SJ2792 Adult 17 Agrotls precox, taken by a friend of Pike, mid-August. Grid ref not provided. ENT REC: 1:162
1869 Wallasey SJ2792 Adult 1 Newman's Entomologist 5:32ii-iii, grid reference not provided. not abundant, Wirral, Walker (1885)
1852 New Brighton SJ3094 Adult 1 Leucania crassicornis, not scarce on reed-blossoms after dark Birkenhead neighbourhood, The Zool. 11:3776, grid reference not provided
10 Aug 1847 New Brighton SJ3094 Adult 1 Actaebia praecox The Zool. 6:2031, grid reference not provided
1845 New Brighton SJ3094 Adult 1 Actebia praecox, scarce, on ragwort-flowers, The Zool. 4:1222, grid reference not provided. somewhat rare. Byerley (1854)
12 Aug 1843 New Brighton SJ3094 Adult 5 sitting on the flowers of ragwort. near the Black (Perch) Rock. Zoologist 684-685

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