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Epinotia sordidana

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
04 Oct 2020 Linley Lane, Alsager SJ819545 Adult 1 gen.det.male
20 Aug 2013 Carleton Road, Higher Poynton SJ944838 Adult 1 gen det male
1981 Moreton SJ2590 Larval 1+ Larvae in edge-rolled leaf of Coltsfoot in which they later pupated but were not seen to feed, grid reference unknown.
01 Aug 1978 Alvanley Road, Helsby SJ489751 Adult 2 one male gen det. Specimens in Mike Hull's collection. Site on rECOrd as Helsby Hill SJ491752
1962 Rostherne Mere SJ7483 Adult 1+ occasional among the alder fringes of the Mere
1954 Alderley Edge SJ8577 Larval 6 grid reference not provided, emerged September 1954
1953 Cheshire Unknown Adult 1+ county status: Wilmslow-Knutsford-Altrincham district fairly common. Michaelis (1954)
26 Aug 1951 Taxal SK0079 Adult 1 grid reference not provided, larvae fairly common 1947-1956 (Michaelis)
1951 Wilmslow SJ8381 Larval 1+ date and grid reference unknown. In early June the larvae feed in the spun terminal leaves of alder bushes used as hedges, Michaelis (1953)
19 Aug 1947 Storeton Woods SJ3185 Adult 1 grid reference unknown, Michaelis (1954)
09 Aug 1947 Delamere SJ5570 Adult 1 grid reference unknown. Michaelis (1954)

Updated: 3rd April 2022