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Synanthedon formicaeformis Red-tipped Clearwing

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
17 Jun 2013 Farndon SJ4154 Adult 1 grid reference unknown, site River Dee, whilst looking for Gomphus, email from Paul Hill, photo on rECOrd Moth Forum
13 Jun 1993 Woolston Eyes SJ6487 Adult 1 Accepted by Cheshire Moth Group Panel January 2003, taken at rest on a bramble leaf. As for whether it was VC58 or VC59 is debatable. As we didn't have computerised mapping systems then the grid refs were worked out from the paper map and both Bill and myself thought we were in slightly different places - actually they are our attempts at giving a centroid reference for the site. Having just checked the Recorder map with the VC58 overlay am still unsure. Personally I think we were just in VC58 at SJ64788795. McWilliam, pers comm, Rutherford (1993)
1990 Rostherne Mere SJ7484 Adult 1 John Dawson found and photographed this moth among osiers, Rutherford (1990)

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Updated: 6th April 2021