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Chionodes fumatella

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
29 Jul 2006 Cholmondeley SJ5450 Adult 1 gen det male SF, photo in annual report
29 Jul 1990 Hogshead Wood, Oakmere SJ5869 Adult 1+ Netted. Not uncommon flying very low over sand hill with sparse moss covering among Bryotropha umbrosella, centroid grid reference SJ582691
1850 Liscard SJ3092 Not recorded 1+ Gelechia celerella Stainton (Stainton's Manual, 11, 332), collected by Gregson from Liscard near New Brighton, was synonymized with this species (Meyrick, 1928). Ellis lists another Gregson record from Leasowe and says, on the sandhills between Wallasey and Leasowe, for G fumatella. Apart from the New Brighton and Liscard records, Hull says, Other Gregson specimens of C fumatella from Wallasey were another unspecified species, with the reference Pierce & Metcalfe, 1935, Hull (1996)
1850 New Brighton SJ3093 Not recorded 1+ C fumatella was described by Douglas from a specimen collected by Gregson from New Brighton. date & grid reference unknown. Hull (1996)

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