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Morophaga choragella

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
04 Sep 2017 Sandiway SJ5970 Adult 1 confirmed S H Hind from photo, at my house near the intersection of the A 556 and the A 49, grid reference not provided
05 Jul 2017 Little Budworth Common SJ5866 Adult 1 2 x 125W MV Skinner / 1 x 15W Heath traps, photo on Cheshire Moth Forum
20 Jul 2014 Meadowbank, Moore Lane, Moore SJ582848 Adult 1 confirmed S Holmes, S H Hind from photo on rECOrd Moth Forum
04 Jul 2009 Stiles Avenue, Marple SJ955892 Adult 1 Confirmed S H Hind from photograph
27 Jun 1986 Shemmy Moss SJ5968 Adult 1

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Updated: 6th April 2021