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Cosmia pyralina Lunar-spotted Pinion

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
09 Aug 2017 Marbury Country Park SJ65147645 Adult 1 Photo supplied and is OK
07 Aug 2010 Marbury Country Park SJ65147645 Adult 1
1976 Prestbury SJ900768 Adult 1 only one, only additions to SJ97, Lepidoptera record cards, Biological Records Centre, Monks Wood, Rutherford (1974). Several specimens
02 Nov 1891 Chester SJ4065 Adult 1 Calymnia pyralina. Grid ref not provided. Entom. 24:286-290
10 Aug 1888 Chester SJ4065 Adult 1 grid reference not provided, Entom: 21:313-319. second Cheshire record, specimen in the Grosvenor Museum, at gas lamps, Day (1903), Entom. 23:61-65

Updated: 6th April 2021