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Anania funebris

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
09 Aug 1943 Storeton Woods SJ3185 Adult 1 Prichard (1947) refers to one in August 1944. Mansbridge & Wright (1949) refers to Second Cheshire record in 1947. All of which may refer to this record, as it is the only one in prichard's diaries.
08 Aug 1942 Overdale Avenue, Barnston SJ2884 Adult 1 No quantity recorded. grid reference unknown. Michaelis (1951)
1921 Macclesfield SJ9070 Adult 1 Ennychia octomaculata, grid reference & date unknown, LCFC report 1921, L&CES Proc. 1931-33. The Ent. 55:118

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