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Anania funebris

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
09 Aug 1943 Storeton Woods SJ3185 Adult 1 Prichard (1947) refers to one in August 1944. Mansbridge & Wright (1949) refers to Second Cheshire record in 1947. All of which may refer to this record, as it is the only one in prichard's diaries. exhibited at the Lancs & Ches Ent Soc meeting 16/12/1944, LCES 68-71:16, grid reference not provided
08 Aug 1942 Overdale Avenue, Barnston SJ2884 Adult 1 No quantity recorded. grid reference unknown. Michaelis (1951)
1921 Macclesfield SJ9070 Adult 1 Ennychia octomaculata, grid reference & date unknown, LCFC report 1921, L&CES Proc. 1931-33. The Ent. 55:118

Updated: 3rd April 2022