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Agrotis ripae Sand Dart

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
1948 Meols SJ2390 Adult 1 date and grid reference not provided, LCES 130:18
1937 Wallasey Dunes SJ2792 Larval 1+ fairly common, also J W Griffin, Smith (1948), site since lost to development, Creaser (2006, 2009), grid reference unknown
30 Jul 1927 Leasowe SJ2491 Adult 1 recorder and grid reference unknown, specimen(s) in the Grosvenor Museum.
1916 Wallasey SJ2792 Larval 3 grid reference not provided, LCFC 1918:13-16. Mansbridge (1940), exhibited at Lancs & Ches Ent Soc 15/10/1917, The Entom. 51:24
1887 Runcorn SJ5082 Not recorded 1+ referred to as an undated record from the Ellis List. Day (1903)
1887 Runcorn SJ5082 Not recorded 1+ undated from Ellis List. Day (1903), site destroyed during construction of Manchester Ship Canal, pers. conv. A Creaser (2013)

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