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Pammene populana

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
1998 Wallasey Dunes SJ2792 Larval 1 on Salix SJ276925. emerged 30/7/1998
03 Sep 1964 Rostherne Mere SJ7484 Adult 1 Penny Croft, only Cheshire's second inland record of this mainly coastal species, Taylor (1966). grid reference not provided. Specimen in Manchester Museum. County status: Common on coastal sandhills but scarce inland
14 Jul 1954 Willaston SJ3276 Adult 1 grid reference not provided.
1951 Wallasey SJ2892 Not recorded 1+ grid reference unknown. Michaelis (1954)
1951 Sound SJ6248 Not recorded 1+ grid reference unknown. Michaelis (1954)
1940 Cheshire Unknown Not recorded 1+ undated, grid reference not given, county status: abundant on the coast sandhils ,not noted elsewhere. Mansbridge (1940)
1891 Caughall SJ4170 Larval 1 Ephippiphora populana (ephippana). A nice series along Caughall Lane, emerged 29/8/1891. Grid ref not provided. Entom. 24:286-290

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