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Xestia stigmatica Square-spotted Clay

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
14 Aug 1993 SJ36 SJ36 Adult 1 LCES 116-120:143. Included in Rutherford (1994), yet the site is in Flintshire
14 Aug 1913 Cheshire Unknown Adult 1+ Square-spotted Clay. Awaiting site verification. This record relates to a specimen in NatHis Museum labelled Delamera, JER Allen, 14.8.13. Grid reference unknown. Parsons, M (2004) Notes on the Distribution of Square-spotted Clay Xestia rhomboidea (Esp.) in the British Isles, Including some Additional Records. Site believed to be Delamere but as no grid reference or VC provided and no other records known from this recorder, this requires confirmation (SHH)

Updated: 3rd April 2022