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Hippotion celerio Silver-striped Hawk-moth

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
1940 Stalybridge SJ9598 Not recorded 1+ undated, Mansbridge (1940)
06 Sep 1914 Lostock Gralam SJ6975 Adult 1 Chaerocampa celerio, resting under an electric arc lamp, Brunner Mond & Co's Works, grid reference not provided, LCFC 1916:96., L & C Naturalist Dec 1914, L&C Nat Vol vii, p 313. Mansbridge (1940). Boyd (1951). Two specimens involved 6.10.1910 & 6.9.1914, Smith (1948). Also dated 6.10.1914
1910 Great Boughton SJ4265 Adult 1 Chaerocampo celerio - Captured in neighbour’s house in 1910. Verified by curator of Grosvenor Museum, Chester (A. Newstead FES). J Arkle wrote: 'The only other Cheshire record I can find appears in Day’s list - Alderley Edge May 1878 W W Keyworth The Entom. xi p.160)' Entom. 48:62. specimen in Grosvenor Museum, Chester. Entom., xlviii., 62, Mansbridge (1914), (1940). Smith mentions two specimens, Chester, Sept 1910 and Boughton, Chester 1910
1906 Ashton upon Mersey SJ7692 Adult 1 Chaerocampo celerio - a specimen found at rest several years ago, now in Mr G Storey's collection, exhibited at the Man. Ent. Soc. 6/10/1909, Entom. 43:69. Mansbridge (1940)
1878 Alderley Edge SJ8377 Adult 1 WW Keyworth - Ent. XI., p. 160, E.L.. Day (1903), Mansbridge (1914)

Updated: 3rd April 2022