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Cucullia absinthii Wormwood

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
21 Aug 1991 Wilmslow SJ8481 Dead 1 post office building SJ847812, specimen retained
1983 Marsh Cottage, Denhall, Burton SJ299749 Adult 1
01 Aug 1970 29 Storeton Road, Oxton, Birkenhead SJ306871 Adult 1 BRC Ref: V05_07190, there are 5 records for SJ38, possibly linked to road construction where the disturbed ground throws up plenty of foodplant for a short time, Rutherford (1984, 1994), LCES 94-96:17
1968 Gayton SJ2780 Adult 1 Gayton, Heswall, Creaser (1969), dated August in LCES 94-96:19
1961 SJ68 SJ68 Not recorded 1+ Included in Rutherford (1994), yet the site may be in VC59
1955 Nantwich SJ6451 Adult 1 grid reference not recorded, LCFC 1954-56:73. Smith (1956), LCES 77-78:44
1954 Denhall Lane, Burton SJ2975 Larval 2 ex wormwood, at the edge of the saltmarsh, Denhall Quay, grid reference not recorded, LCFC 1954-56:73. Smith (1956), LCES 79-81:29, LCES 77-78:44

Updated: 6th April 2021