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Catocala fraxini Clifden Nonpareil

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
01 Sep 1997 Ness Gardens SJ3075 Adult 1 per John Raines, referred to in Ian Rutherford's 1997 Moth Report
18 Sep 1947 Bromborough SJ3581 Adult 1 taken by a schoolboy named Davis on a brick gate-post, at his home, 43 Allport Road. Specimen still alive when handed to me by N F Ellison and is now in my collection, Smith (1948), Mansbridge & Wright (1949)
1903 Saughall Massie SJ2588 Not recorded 1 undated, Day (1903)
1903 Bowdon SJ7587 Not recorded 1+ undated, Day (1903)
1885 Birkenhead SJ2989 Not recorded 1+ Upton Road, undated, Walker (1885)
1885 Eastham SJ3680 Not recorded 1+ undated, Walker (1885)
16 Sep 1855 Bollin Valley, Hale SJ7785 Adult 1 found at 6:15pm at rest on a poplar tree by the banks of the Bollin below Banks Hall, grid reference not provided, L & C Nat. 1921
1854 Bidston SJ2891 Adult 2 undated. very uncommon. Byerley (1854)
1846 Carrington Moss SJ7390 Adult 1 one near Carrington Moss, taken some years back, The Zool. 4:1515, grid reference not provided, Ellis (1890)

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